I’m thrilled to be launching our latest product today, Alert Builder. Actionable data delivered to you before you even know you need it, is the height of competitive intelligence. Over the past seven years, we’ve realized the most impactful data is timely, proactive and targeted.

Alert Builder will proactively push highly customizable insights directly to your inbox, each morning. Why? Because the cost of not knowing is too high.

Imagine your competitor is growing its market share in a key country that wasn’t on your radar. Knowing this is crucial, actionable information you need in order to make educated business decisions. Apptopia will push this directly to you inbox. We got you, don’t worry.


As a professional operating in the mobile app economy, you’re tracking self-defined markets and key competitors. Logging in to your account every day and checking every possibility of your competitors’ actions is hard work and not realistic. This constant state of monitoring is not efficient for you, but Alert Builder has you covered. Set alerts on apps, publishers, and self-defined markets for a plethora of different activities.


We’ve received lots of feedback from account managers that Alert Builder has been a powerful ally for them, because it enables them to stay informed on their accounts’ latest moves. Reach out and engage with your clients based on timely information.


Get alerts on anything, seriously

We know that different information is important to different people, so we've given you the flexibility to get alerts on changes for:

  • Meta data, features, releases, etc.

  • Performance (downloads, revenue, usage)

  • Key advertising events (new creatives, spikes in spend, etc.)

  • International growth

  • SDKs installed

  • Rank milestones

*Get alerts on any app, publisher and market you track


We love what we do and are here to help in any way we can. Please feel free to contact anyone on the team with any questions, comments, etc.

AuthorJonathan Kay

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer