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Apptopia’s Advanced App Tagging Dataset Has Bone-Deep Insights

Sep 28, 2021


Apptopia Marketing

Sep 28, 2021

In a single app store category lives thousands of different apps, all with varying features, themes, and monetization models. This makes category-based analyses too broad to be useful, which is why publishers go through the painstaking process of manually segmenting apps. Segmentation helps publishers target relevant apps and extract actionable insights in order to inform product decisions.

While segmentation is critical to app development, it’s far too time-consuming. This is why Apptopia is thrilled to announce X-Ray— a new dataset which provides bone-deep insight into exactly what makes an app successful. This new add-on uses machine learning to automatically assign classifications — including functions, features, monetization, game play, and themes — to every app and game in the mobile ecosystem, eliminating the need for manual app tagging altogether.

This zero-delay iOS and Android app classification intelligence is unmatched in the industry with 340+ app tags (and growing), spanning 7+ million apps. Available across our product suite, users can mix-and-match Apptopia’s capabilities to create product intelligence and market insights unlike anything seen before.




Unlimited apps, detail, and potential

Covering every app in the app store, X-Ray unlocks unlimited growth potential for publishers. Using X-Ray’s bone-deep intelligence, you can:

Get the app insights you need right now. Discover which apps are successfully engaging and monetizing users. Uncover critical insights, such as which food delivery apps are engaging the most users. Explore product functions, features, monetization, game play, and themes so you know what’s the most effective.

Explore top charts. Use advanced product intelligence within Top Charts to discover the features driving the most downloads, keep track of your competitors, and discover new emerging players in your market.

X-Ray - Apptopia chart showing which app features are driving the most app growth
Identify new opportunities. Harness the power of fast, accurate machine learning tagging to inform your product roadmap by looking at the features your competitors are adding. Analyze how new features impact performance to identify new product opportunities.

Measure features any way you want. Discover exactly what market leaders are doing. Graph any combination of features and see how each one affects app performance and revenue compared to the others. See how your efforts stack up against the competition.

Apptopia chart comparing Tower Defense app feature tag to Strategy app feature tagUse X-Ray’s insights across Apptopia’s product suite. Mix and match Apptopia’s capabilities to create powerful insights. Compare feature tags against apps, explore every type of app beyond your known market, target audiences based on contextual relevance — the possibilities are endless.

Create a completely custom experience. Focus on the data that’s most important to you. X-Ray has the inside look you need, no matter what it is. Not only do we provide more app classification tags than any other dataset, we also build special tags specifically for our clients — all you have to do is ask.

Suggest New Tag feature inside of the Apptopia web tool

Get started using X-Ray today

Apptopia X-Ray was designed with each of our unique users in mind. Over the past few months, our product and engineering team has spent countless hours studying users’ needs, dissecting apps, and building machine learning infrastructure. The result: first-of-its-kind classification intelligence for all apps.

The dataset has already been available over the past few months via API to SDKs and Ad Networks looking to enhance their targeted advertising. Now, X-Ray lives directly inside of Apptopia’s web tool, helping publishers make smarter product decisions, save time, and scale. Request a demo below to get started using X-Ray today. 

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