Making omnichannel real - Advice from Belk, the fastest growing U.S. brick n' mortar retailer app

Feb 25, 2021


Apptopia Marketing

Feb 25, 2021

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Matt Hudson, Senior Mobile Delivery Manager at Belk, is a treasure trove of actionable ideas for all of you brick n' mortar retailers thinking about starting a mobile app or trying to jumpstart growth for your mobile app. From understanding who your specific mobile customers are, the checkout process, the connection the app has to other channels, and Matt's weakness for snacks, we cover it all.

Can your customers checkout in your mobile app in line at Starbucks? What about with a crying baby in one arm? On this week's episode of Somewhat Mobile, hear Matt's expertise on creating a wonderful mobile app experience and where the app should be positioned within the company's sales and marketing efforts as a whole.

Don't have time for the full 20 minutes? Watch to the clip below where Matt expresses the importance of having a great mobile app for retailers:

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