The original report can be found on We'll be creating similar reports on a monthly basis detailing the new games coming into the mobile app ecosystem.


Looking at new games for November, what stands out to me is that in both Europe and North America, the top earner from Google Play made more than the top earner from the App Store. This stands in contrast with the top overall apps for the month as the top earner from the App Store made 150% more in North America than the top earner from Google Play.



Combined revenue from the top ten newly released iOS games in Europe came in at just $65,000, with Micro Monster Trainers topping the App Store chart at $26,000 IAP revenue.


Football Manager 2019 Mobile has dwarfed all other competition in the new mobile game charts for November, generating $240,000 in Europe on Android.


Our next new games report will be out in January. Happy Holidays!

AuthorAdam Blacker

VP, Insights