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Jonathan Kay

Jan 26, 2017

Today, we are announcing a new look and feel for Apptopia. Not only is the website redesigned to be more intuitive but our product packages have been reimagined to provide greater value to a larger audience. This is a big deal for both us and our users so I want to personally explain the big changes we’ve undergone.

For starters, we’re going to give away lots of data to everyone for free. Here is what you get for free for all apps:

  • 30 day download totals with trend graph
  • 6 and 12 month worldwide download averages
  • 30 day percentage change in MAU and DAU
  • Frequency the app is opened
  • Month over month percentage change in revenue
  • Number of SDKs currently installed

Our new Flex plan gives you exactly what you need. We previously offered a $79/month Start plan which gave you data on ~2.5m apps, but not the 3,000 you really cared about. Flex allows you to select any five apps and get 100% of the data we have on those apps: downloads, revenue, usage, and SDK data for all countries. The Flex plan starts at $50 and you can customize your plan until you have the exact view of the market you need.

This launch stems from our belief in democratizing mobile app data and providing companies with the decision making tools they need to succeed in today’s challenging app economy. These features and tools increase the granularity you see and the ease of which you make impactful business decisions on a daily basis.

We’ll be at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the end of next month and we’d love for you to stop by our killer booth in the mobile expo hall. Feel free to book a meeting with us in advance. See you there!

-Jonathan Kay


Jonathan Kay

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer