Worldwide & US Download Leaders 2020

Adam Blacker

Jan 07, 2021

What a year it has been! We saw unprecedented changes in the app economy in 2020 as consumer behavior shifted ...


Google Pay relaunches to #1, ahead of Venmo and Cash App

Madeline Lenahan

Dec 23, 2020

Just over a month ago, Google Pay relaunched with new features: tap-to-pay, peer-to-peer, personal finance agg...


Identifying leading indicators and trend shifts in tickers weeks ahead of consen...

Adam Blacker

Dec 15, 2020

We recently launched our APPS MOBILE application for Bloomberg’s App Portal. Why?


Increase app visibility and downloads with Apptopia’s Search Intelligence

David Katz

Dec 15, 2020

More than five million apps are available for download between the two major app stores...and your app is comp...


Podcast: Electronic Arts reinvigorates its mobile division

Apptopia Marketing

Dec 11, 2020

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Netflix's StreamFest enables the app to hit a record day of downloads with 1.3M

Adam Blacker

Dec 08, 2020

On December 5th - 6th, Netflix gave all of India a free trial called it “StreamFest.” The company ended up ext...


HBO Max is now the fastest growing major SVOD service in the US

Adam Blacker

Dec 07, 2020

HBO Max is now the fastest growing major streaming video service in the United States. Since its launch week i...


Dating app engagement surpasses pre-pandemic levels

Madeline Lenahan

Dec 04, 2020

Most people predicted that online dating would take a hit from the pandemic. And at first, they were right. Th...

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Top platform worker apps grow DAUs 21% year-over-year

Adam Blacker

Dec 03, 2020

Top platform apps as a grouping have added more than half a million daily active users in the United States be...