A return to the great outdoors

Adam Blacker

Jul 30, 2020

People are rediscovering the great outdoors with a new enthusiasm that we did not see in our data last summer....


The Latest Trends, Opportunities & Learnings for Apps in 2020

Madeline Lenahan

Jul 30, 2020

We recently joined leading mobile industry experts for an exclusive webinar hosted by Mintegral. Among the pan...


5 ROIs of equipping your sales team with competitive mobile intelligence

Madeline Lenahan

Jul 21, 2020

More high-quality leads means more high-quality deals. Yet, too often, sales teams struggle to find a solution...


Mobility Reimagined: Tracking transportation trends in the U.S.

Madeline Lenahan

Jul 08, 2020

Mobility Reimagined  COVID-19 has drastically reshaped our lives, altering how we spend, what we do, and where...


5 reasons mobile marketing leaders should prioritize competitive intelligence

Madeline Lenahan

Jun 24, 2020

Marketing teams are constantly being pulled in different directions, all while trying to stay ahead of the com...


Edtech apps see surge in new users during quarantine

Cecilia Hermawan

Jun 18, 2020

Looks like people are not just spending all their time on TikTok after all. Many are actually dedicating their...

Competitive Intel

New: Integration Passport puts Apptopia data into your most used tools

Jonathan Kay

Jun 17, 2020

We think that making it insanely easy to get OUR data into YOUR tools is crucial. Over the last decade, I've m...

Health and Fitness

Calm records 120% more app sessions than Headspace during quarantine

Madeline Lenahan

Jun 16, 2020

Mental wellness apps, like Calm and Headspace, have increased in popularity over the years as more people embr...


How to uncover new sales opportunities using Review Text Analysis

Damian Gray

May 27, 2020

Better leads + shorter sales cycle = happier team. This is what you can expect with Apptopia’s Report Builder ...