Product Update: Unified metrics and more

Aug 06, 2019


David Katz

Aug 06, 2019

Director of Product

Welcome to Apptopia’s “Utopia” release (Unified Apptopia, get it?) We have done some incredible data gymnastics behind the scenes over the past several months to make your jobs easier. As the release name suggests, this is all about bringing unified metrics and entities to the forefront.

Have you ever wondered how many apps Burger King has? Did you know that Burger King, Popeye’s, and Tim Horton’s are all owned by the same company: Restaurant Brands International?


You probably heard that Amazon bought Whole Foods Market and maybe you remember that Apple acquired Shazam. But do you know how much these acquisitions are contributing to their parent company’s performance?

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What’s New

Starting today, Apptopia answers these questions and more. Oh, and we aren’t going to try and upsell you on this. Everything in this release comes with your existing subscription.

- Unified App and Publisher Metrics (Downloads, Revenue, MAU/DAU, and Demographics)

- Brand new Company Page with all the info you need to evaluate a company’s app ecosystem

- Quick navigation up and down a company’s app portfolio via our new breadcrumb header in App Insights

- Search over 2,000 parent companies

Here’s How to Use It

We are introducing new visual cues to help you distinguish acompany@2xParent Company from asubsidiary@3x Unified Publisher. You will see these icons in Search and breadcrumbs.

Search has been improved to allow you to search Companies, and we display the search result counts for the other entities in case the company you searched for is only considered a Publisher.

Zynga Company Search

Clicking on a Parent Company or Unified Publisher from the breadcrumb will take you to an overview page for that entity. You can also see all of the apps associated with the Company or Publisher from a dropdown menu in the breadcrumb.

Starbucks Dropdown

Switching between Unified, iOS, and Google Play store versions for an app is easily accomplished from the breadcrumb. Dropdown

In our ‘Downloads & Revenue’ and ‘Engagement’ pages, we provide unified metrics that show you the split between iOS and Google Play app stores. You can also compare non-unified metrics like Sessions Per User between both stores.

Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 7.48.07 AM

We’ve revamped our ‘Store Ranks’ page and brought over the visuals from our Radar product to make it easier for you to determine which countries and what categories an app is ranked in.

Latest Ranking

Things You Should Know

- Our performance data is made fresh daily, just like our coffee.

- To keep our parent company mappings current, we use several data sources, including, but not limited to, CrunchBase and Wikipedia. A majority of these sources must agree before we make a change to our mappings. This is a daily process so we should be catching changes within 24-48 hours of the event occurring. Our partnership with Bloomberg and other financial clients has forced us to be meticulous in this space.

Apptopians love feedback. Let us know what you think of the new release. Your customer success manager is here to answer your questions and help you be successful using the product. Cheers!


David Katz

Director of Product