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Reddit App Sees Strong Growth in First Half of 2018

May 31, 2018


Matt Fleming

May 31, 2018

Director of Marketing @ Apptopia


You may have missed it, but Reddit surpassed Facebook this week to become the third most trafficked website in the US according to Alexa. That works out to ~1.5 billion visits per month. Only Google and YouTube are more popular.

So, we decided to take a peek at Reddit's mobile app to see how well its performance aligns with the reported traffic increases.

What we found was that worldwide downloads have doubled over the past two months, now averaging around 100k per day. This data point, at least superficially, seems to correlate with the high-level month over month traffic trends reported by Alexa.


Downloads of the Reddit app accelerated significantly in early March, growing to roughly 2x the daily run rate held over the past several months.



Perhaps not surprisingly, Reddit’s Download Rank in the US is now nearly 2x what it was at the beginning of March, when the spike was first detected. In Google Play the app moved from #341 Overall to #183. On iOS, Reddit rose from #327 to #175 over the same time period.



DAUs continue to climb, although the growth curve is not nearly as steep. At of the end of May, Apptopia estimates place DAUs north of ~3.5m (iOS + Google Play combined). The chart below shows the DAU trend for Google Play over the last 365 days.



Retention on the US Google Play store has improved approximately 3% since last August. The app retains roughly 18% of users after the first day, ~4% after day seven, and ~2% on Day 30. This places Reddit on par or better than the Top 10% of News & Magazine Apps in the United States.


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Matt Fleming

Director of Marketing @ Apptopia