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Revamped Report Builder: hotter leads, even faster

Oct 17, 2019


David Katz

Oct 17, 2019

Director of Product

Revamped Report Builder: hotter leads, even faster

We know how important lead generation is to your business growth, which is why we created Sales Prospector, your team’s go-to hub for building reports and quickly identifying quality leads. Today, we’re taking your prospecting to the next level by launching our newly revamped Report Builder.

With new capabilities and a simplified user experience, our latest version of the tool does all of the heavy lifting for you. So while our data geeks are doing insane data gymnastics and analyzing millions of apps on your behalf, you can focus on managing your pipeline. 


What’s New? 

Too much for one blog post, but here’s the ✨Highlight Reel✨ 

Narrow your search to an entire region or app category in a single-click

As you define the scope of your search, you’ll select the location(s) and the app category/(ies) you’d like to explore. The regions and app categories are pre-defined for foolproof data organization. After all, ain’t nobody got time for manual entry.



Filter leads by growth stage to target the most viable opportunities

Don’t waste your time sifting through thousands of results. Instead, filter for leads that match your growth stage preference. Select ‘The Long Tail’ for apps you didn’t know existed. Or, focus on ‘Mid-Market’ and ‘Established’ opportunities to see where the action’s at. The 1% are the TikToks and Instagrams of the world - check that market out for #motivation or to benchmark KPIs.


Segment your lead list by territories

We understand the power of working in teams. Filter by Publisher Headquarters location to easily segment your lead list by territories and split outreach.


Share reports with your teammates

There’s always one super nerd in the group. Now, super nerd can share his work with you. It’s not cheating, it’s resourcefulness. Go team!

share report FINAL

Review all of your report alerts in a single daily digest email 

Each personalized report is a gift that keeps on giving. Every time a new lead is generated that fits your report’s parameters, the report will automatically update. You’ll see the notifications in your Report Library. Plus, we’ll summarize all of your report alerts for you in one daily email, so you can avoid unnecessary inbox clutter and stay focused on closing deals.

Report Alerts Final


Whether you’re in SDK sales or you’re an investor scoping out the market, these features enable you to generate powerful reports based on wildly specific criteria. 

Like what you see? Put our tool to the test and get from lead list to outreach, faster. Not a customer yet? Sign up for a demo today.

In the meantime, click here to watch our Report Builder walk-through video. 


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David Katz

Director of Product