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screamers are 2017's first weird fad


Adam Blacker

Apr 17, 2017

There's been an explosion of ‘screamers’ in 2017. Screamers are runners that are controlled via the volume of the player’s voice. Players who do not want to lose their voice, piss off their neighbors, or make everyone around you on the subway uncomfortable, can set a max volume so they can still run fast without actually screaming. Right now there are 94 screamers in Apple’s App Store and 66 of them were created just within this calendar year. That's about 70%.

The interesting thing is that these games are not gold mines for publishers, however they are very inexpensive games to make so it could be easy short term cash until this fad ends. In totality, the apps made this year have only seen $543k in revenues and 10.7M downloads. About 92% of this revenue stems from ad dollars and not IAPs. Chicken Scream from Perfect Tap Games comes in as the number one app in terms of both downloads and revenue with 3.8M and $171k respectively. The app even ranked #1 overall in the App Store on March 28th of this year. The second leading app for revenue comes from a familiar face in simple games, Ketchapp. Their app ‘Scream Go Her: Eighth Note Yasuhati’ has managed to pull in $110k.

If this turns into more than a weird fad, we’ll be the first to let you know right here on the blog or via our Twitter where we’re always sending out fascinating bits of app economy data and musings.


Adam Blacker

VP, Insights