I was asked by one of the top mobile publishers in the world to create a presentation on entering the APAC market. While I can talk about any topic in mobile blindfolded, this was something I was not well versed in. My team and I spent about two weeks pouring through our data and we learned a ton.

The Slideshare embedded below will help you understand how you should be thinking about both porting over your app to APAC and what new app to build for the market. If you are not interested in APAC expansion but are interested in new markets, you’re in luck. The strategies we used in creating this presentation are strategies you can employ for any market.

*As you will see in the slides above, China, India, Australia and New Zealand are excluded when we’re talking about the APAC market. China and India are their own presentations while Australia and New Zealand operate similarly to the United States. All data is combined between iOS and Google Play.

I hope this presentation will make APAC feel less scary for you and give you some tips and tools to help navigate your way through to this new and opportune market. Remember to identify your competition, analyze newly released apps, create a saturation analysis, find the right users, and localize beyond language.

AuthorJonathan Kay

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer