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The Pinners Behind The Boards

Apr 03, 2017


Apptopia Marketing

Apr 03, 2017

When Pinterest came to us with bold claims and told us they were launching an app install product, we didn’t think much of it. In fact, we borderline called bull****. There are a lot of companies doing this today, and we get emails daily asking us to promote their new products, all of which have their own claims of greatness. However, we do not get emails from Pinterest every day and since we're massive data geeks, we decided to dive into the data and verify the claims. Challenge accepted.

We spun some serious cycles digging through the data to try to find something which made the Pinterest opportunity different from all the others. The deeper we got, the more apparent it became that what really makes this interesting are the users (i.e. the eyeballs you’d be advertising to). We discovered that Pinterest’s users have an unusually high likelihood and serious track record of spending money in mobile apps. In fact, our Audience Intelligence revealed that more than 75% of Pinterest’s users are actively using a top grossing app. This is really important because it means high potential ARPU for advertisers. We put our full analysis together into a nice infographic for you below. You can use this to better understand and evaluate the opportunity to determine if Pinterest’s user base is a good fit for you.


Read more about Promoted App Pins here or speak directly with a Pinterest ads expert. To learn more about how our Audience Intelligence can help you, schedule a 1 on 1 demo.