As a mobile researcher, I look at the app stores every day. And every day I gloss past the app Lucky Day and think nothing of it. But after seeing it every day in the top spots (we know it’s hard to do), eventually I can no longer ignore it. Lucky Day has been around since April 2015 but it is only recently (June 2018) that the app has gained major traction.

As of this writing, if you open up your iPhone, the app is ranked as #4 in the United States. For our Android users, it’s ranked #6. We’re estimating the app to have about 19 million lifetime downloads with a current DAU of 4.7 million. Again, much of this has happened recently.


It says #6 overall and not #4 because the latter ranking excludes games

It's strategically listed in the Lifestyle category (what a lovely, vague category) on the iOS App Store but it is listed under Games in Google Play.

How does the app work? Users play free games (lots of scratch-offs) via tokens they are given/win in other games... and I guess sometimes you win money. I played for five minutes, watched two video ads and won $1. You cannot cash out (done via PayPal) until you hit $10. Lucky Day makes money on advertising and not through in-app purchases.

AuthorAdam Blacker

VP, Insights