Top Ticket Resale Apps Boom 792%


Adam Blacker

Apr 24, 2017

It’s April which means it’s NHL and NBA playoffs time in addition to the start of the baseball season. It's because of this that April is always a big boon for the resale market, especially through top resale brokers StubHub, SeatGeek and Gametime. Let’s take a look at the app data highlights:

  1. The resale market is booming in 2017. January through April, active users across StubHub, SeatGeek and Gametime have increased 792%. Last year, the growth during this time period was 76%.
  1. Sell your tickets on SeatGeek. So far, SeatGeek has more unique active users this month than Gametime and even eBay owned Stubhub. If you're looking to sell your tickets, more potential buyers will see them on SeatGeek.
  1. Gametime has made the most of April in terms of customer acquisition, increasing its smartphone share 838% since February and has 454k downloads just this month.

Why is this space skyrocketing?

Two reasons; one is changing consumer behavior and the the other is increased competition. The last two years have seen tremendous change in terms of where people are making their purchasing decisions. Looking just at internet purchases, about 80% of physical goods are bought on web versus mobile but it’s precisely the opposite with experiences. 80% of experience purchases are taking place on mobile. StubHub is a name people know and it’s been around. SeatGeek (est. 2012) and Gametime (est. 2013) aren’t new but they’ve just recently stepped up their marketing. SeatGeek started executing custom audience targeting with Yahoo Gemini while Gametime beta tested Snapchat’s goal-based bidding system for app install ads. Gametime is unique in that it’s mobile only and has social functions which is exactly what Venmo attributes much of its success to in the P2P payments space.

*Data is US only and combines App Store and Google Play numbers

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Adam Blacker

VP, Insights