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What our latest model update means for you

Jonathan Kay

Aug 29, 2018

Over the past six months, we’ve been working overtime to improve our Download, Usage and Revenue models. And i...


7 BIG Reasons to Integrate Apptopia with Salesforce

Matt Fleming

Jun 12, 2018

Last week we made a big announcement. We announced Apptopia now fully integrates with Salesforce and a few oth...


Apptopia Announces Salesforce Integration

Adam Blacker

Jun 05, 2018

Great data is only valuable if you can actually use it.


Crunchbase partners with Apptopia to deliver “best-in-class” mobile data

Jonathan Kay

Feb 22, 2018

Our first conversation with Crunchbase started over a year ago. My business partner, Eliran Sapir, and I sat d...


the story behind our 1,200% improvement in model accuracy

Jonathan Kay

Jan 31, 2018

Estimating app usage is one of the most challenging things we do in the App Intelligence industry. With Downlo...


Smart User Acquisition, Start To Finish

Eliran Sapir

Oct 02, 2017

The original post can be found on my weekly column, Uncensored.


3 Mistakes To Avoid in Mobile Advertising

Apptopia Marketing

Jul 24, 2017

The most memorable (i.e. the most effective) TV ads are those that make you laugh or are so annoying and catch...