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TikTok Gains 30+ Million Users in 3 Months

Adam Blacker

Oct 31, 2018

Since its official takeover of on August 2nd, TikTok is growing substantially, making real competit...

Social Media

Reddit App Sees Strong Growth in First Half of 2018

Matt Fleming

May 31, 2018


Social Media

Sometimes Users don't want privacy ー Venmo

Carissa Lintao

Apr 27, 2018

Yes, the misuse of users’ personal data is an ethical issue ー it’s objective. But don’t you love “should be pr...

Social Media

Kids Apps 2017: YouTube Kids Owns The Screen

Adam Blacker

Feb 06, 2018

When we saw YouTube Kids pop up as an Entertainment category download leader and a couple of Kids apps pop up ...

Social Media

Snapchat's Disappearing User Act

Eliran Sapir

Jun 14, 2017