What marketers get wrong about branding - Lessons from Klarna's CMO

Feb 18, 2021


Apptopia Marketing

Feb 18, 2021

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Fresh off Klarna's first Super Bowl commercial, we sit down with David Sandstrom, Chief Marketing Officer at Klarna, to discuss the thinking behind their advertisement, the role its mobile app plays in the company's mission, and all of the increased competition in the 'Buy Now, Pay Later' fintech space.

What drives users to your app? What keeps them coming back? Hear David's take as he joins us on this week’s episode of Somewhat Mobile and challenges our core understanding of user behavior. Hit the "listen" or "watch" buttons above to see what you can learn about/from this fintech unicorn.

You can also view the short clip below to hear David's point of view on why Klarna ran a Super Bowl ad. Hint: it was not to acquire new users. 

HubSpot Video

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