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What your investment strategy is missing (hint: it's mobile app data)

Nov 04, 2019


Madeline Lenahan

Nov 04, 2019

Communications & Content Manager

In today’s high-tech world, markets evolve quickly, posing greater risks (and rewards) for investors. While this shouldn’t deter anyone from getting involved, it should encourage smarter investing. This is why financial leaders are increasingly looking to non-traditional data, like mobile app data, to help inform their investment strategy.

Mobile app data has proven to be a strong indicator of company performance as a whole, so if you’re not following suit, you may be missing key signals that could cost you huge dividends. However, let’s be clear, we’re not financial experts here at Apptopia - we’re mobile experts. We're not going to tell you how to invest; instead, we'll show you how mobile trends tend to reflect market actuals. What you do with this information is completely up to you.

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To further stay in our lane,  we  hold conversations with real financial experts. Most recently, our Co-Founder and COO Jonathan C. Kay co-hosted a webinar with Bloomberg’s Global Head of Alternative Data Jeremy Bashkt. They discussed everything you need to know about leveraging mobile app data for higher returns. We’ve got the full recap of the webinar below, including real use case examples and earnings predictions for Q3. 

Utilizing mobile app data to uncover investment opportunities

What exactly is mobile app data

Apptopia analyzes key data points for every app in existence across both the iOS App Store and Google Play store (7M+ apps). The data points are: 

                                   - Downloads
                                   - IAP (in-app-purchase) Revenue
                                   - Ad Revenue
                                   - Daily Active Users
                                   - Monthly Active Users
                                   - Avg. Sessions Per User
                                   - Total # of Sessions
                                   - Avg. Session Length
                                   - Total Time Spent in App 

All data points are available and broken down by app store, day and country. 

How is it harvested?

We’ve been collecting data for eight years now. Over 55,000 app publishers have connected their accounts directly to Apptopia, giving us access to all of their real performance data, for all of their apps, across all countries. 

We use these real numbers to create models and algorithms that allow us to estimate key data points for every existing app. 

Why should you use it? 

As we said, we are not financial experts. But, we are mobile app experts and there are certain signals us data geeks just can’t ignore.

As the world becomes increasingly digital, mobile data accounts for market engagement that standard foot-traffic numbers can’t capture. So time and time again, Apptopia data has been a leading indicator for public company earnings results. 

With mobile intelligence in your investing toolkit, you’ll be the first to know what’s going on and the first to act.

How can we prove it works? 

With real company case studies. We predicted the earnings reports of Snap Inc., Roku, Carvana, Netflix, Grubhub and Paypal, just to name a few. These findings are presented in detail in our downloadable webinar slides.

We're so confident in our data that we didn't just stop there. We also included earnings previews for companies that have not yet reported publicly. For a sneak peek into the earnings of those companies, plus access to our case studies, download the full & free presentation here

Have questions about our findings or want to learn more? 

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Madeline Lenahan

Communications & Content Manager