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Why We Built a Better Way to Compare Apps

Jul 25, 2018


Adam Blacker

Jul 25, 2018

VP, Insights

Confession time.

Apptopia collects millions of data points each day. We’re talking petabytes of information on apps, publishers, and everything in between.

And while we’d like to think of ourselves as relatively sophisticated, the reality is that our analysts still compare app performance in Excel. It’s a time consuming process that involves exporting data to multiple CSVs, aggregating it all together, and then comparing the apps side by side.

We eventually said to ourselves, "if we're doing this, our customers are probably doing it too."

That’s why we decided to build Compare Apps.

Compare Apps is a faster, easier way to visualize and compare app performance across multiple dimensions. You can create side-by-side comparisons for multiple apps on everything from Rank, Download and Revenue metrics, to Engagement, Retention and User Demographics.

We’ve also added several new visualizations so you can get to key insights faster.

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What Can You Compare?


Compare app rank based on Downloads or Revenue. Easily drill down by store, category, and country with up to 365 days of data.ranks



View downloads over time, by market, for up to 365 days. Compare marketshare across territories side by side with other apps.downloads-v2


Compare total revenue, in app purchases, and ARPU for up to 12 months. View data in aggregate and by market.revenue-v2



Visualize DAUs and MAUs over time for every country. Further breakdown engagement by avg sessions per user and average time spent per user.engagement


View 30 day retention curves and compare to store and category benchmarks.




See the gender and age of users, as well as the other types/categories of apps they are most likely to be using.audience

How do I get Compare Apps?

Compare Apps replaces Apptopia’s “Watchlist” functionality. Existing Watchlist users will get the new functionality for free. To add Compare Apps to your existing Apptopia account, please contact

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Adam Blacker

VP, Insights