Why We Built a Slack App (...and are breaking out of our data silos)

Sep 10, 2018


Adam Blacker

Sep 10, 2018

VP, Insights

Let’s face it. Data is only valuable if you can actually put it to use.

And that’s been a problem in mobile intelligence for a long time.

Vendors offer every data point under the sun, but more often than not it’s siloed away in a web app, separate from the tools and processes that you use every day. Maybe, if you’re lucky, it makes its way to your CRM. That’s rough.

We can (and should) do better.

That’s why we decided to build Apptopia for Slack.slack-gif

With Apptopia for Slack, you can get a performance snapshot on any app or publisher, in any market or store, directly within Slack.

Simply enter the app or publisher name and store to generate worldwide stats or add a market to look at region specific data. Here’s how it works.

The Different Commands:


Shows the available commands and parameters

To research an app

/apptopia app [app name in double quotes] [store - iTunes or Google] [optional country code]

You can access a full list of two letter country codes here.


/apptopia app “gardenscapes” itunes

/apptopia app “gardenscapes” itunes fr

To research a publisher

/apptopia publisher [publisher name in quotes] [store - iTunes or Google] [optional country code]


/apptopia publisher “zynga” itunes

/apptopia publisher “zynga” itunes de

A Free + Paid Version

We tried to keep things pretty simple. With the 100% free version, our data will be provided in ranges. For our paying customers, you’ll get precise estimates (just let us know your slack workspace).

Can we ask a favor?

Apptopia for Slack is in Open Beta. That means we need your help (and feedback) to make it amazing. Can you check out the app and tell us how to make it better? We would love to hear your feedback.

You can hit us up on twitter, chat, or email. Even... Slack.

P.S. We’re not stopping with Slack. Next week, we are dropping an entirely new app 


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Adam Blacker

VP, Insights